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Hardboiled, Noir, Crime, & Suspense Thrillers

Nocturne for Madness (New Pulp, 2017)

Saraband for a Runaway

(New Pulp Press, 2017)

Haftmann's Rules

(New Pulp Press, 2020)

Northtown Eclipse (Fahrenheit Press, 2018)

Doggerel for Dead Whores (New Pulp, 2019)

Noir/Crime Thrillers

Waiting on a Bridge of Maggots
(Grand Mal, 2015)

Perfect Killer

(Crowood Press, 2018)

The Russian Heist (Moonshine Cove Publishing, 2019)

Dead Cat Bounce Cover.jpg

When You Run with Wolves

(Fahrenheit, 2018)

Dead Cat Bounce (Fahrenheit, 2019)

Short-story collections


Thomas Haftmann, Private Eye:  The Short Stories

(New Pulp, 2017)

Dangerous Women:  Stories of Crime,

Mystery, and Mayhem

(Class Act Books, 2017)



Robb White lives in Northeastern Ohio. He has published several crime, noir, mainstream, and hardboiled novels and published crime, horror, and mainstream stories in various magazines and anthologies under various pseudonyms including Robb T. White and Terry White. He’s been nominated for a Derringer. “Inside Man,” a crime story, was selected for Best American Mystery Stories 2019. His new hardboiled series features private-eye Raimo Jarvi Northtown Eclipse (Fahrenheit Press, 2018). Murder, Mayhem & More cited When You Run with Wolves as a finalist for its Top Ten Crime Books of 2018. Recent works are the novella Dead Cat Bounce (Fahrenheit, 2019), “If I Let You Get Me,” selected for the Bouchercon 2019 anthology, and The Russian Heist (Moonshine Cove, 2019). The latter selected by Thriller Magazine as winner of its sponsored International Thriller Award. 


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Twitter: @tomhaftmann

Amazon Author Page:

"It's fast-paced and riveting . . . in a dance of death."

                      --Linda Strong, Book Lovers Book Reviews, 4 Feb. 2018

Awarded Second Place for Burning Girl, a new crime novella forthcoming from Absolutely Amazing eBooks of Key West, FL.



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"The Amish Electric Chair." Hardboiled:  A Dark Anthology of Crime Fiction.

         Eds. M. Leon Smith & John L. Thomson. (Dead Guns Press, 2018). 84-100. Print.

"The Rapture of the Free Runner." Blood & Bourbon. Issue 5. Feb. 2019: 4-15. Print.


"Murder Valley."  Millhaven's Tales of Adventure. Winter 2019. 56-62. Print.


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