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Website of Thomas Haftmann, Raimo Jarvi, & Jade Hui 

Robb White, Author of Hardboiled, Noir, & Suspense Thrillers

Jade Hui Novels

In this prequel to Perfect Killer, Special Agent Jade Hui encounters untangles a female prizefighter's death in Youngstown. 

Jade Cover 1.jpg
Perfect Killer jpeg Cover.jpg

Perfect Killer (Ramsbury, Wiltshire, U.K.: Crowood Press, 2018)

Special Agent Hui tracks a serial killer to  his lair in Rhode Island.

Full-Tilt Boogie (Cleveland, OH: Boxing World Pub., 2023)

Perfect Killer (Ramsbury, Wiltshire, U.K.: Crowood Press, 2018)

Raimo Jarvi. p.i., Northtown

The Thomas Haftmann Novels

Doggerel for Dead Whores cover.jpg

Doggerel for Dead Whores (New Pulp, 2019)

Saraband for a Runaway

(New Pulp Press, 2017)

Haftmann's Rules

(New Pulp Press, 2020)

Haftmann Rules Cover.jpg

Haftmann's Rules

 New pulp. 2020

Nocturne for Madness Cover.jpg

Thomas Haftmann, Private Eye:  The Short Stories 

(New Pulp, 2017)

Nocturne for Madness
(New Pulp, 2015)

The Raimo Jarvi Novels

Northtown Blitz Cover.jpg
Northtown Eclipse New Cover.webp

Northtown Eclipse (Fahrenheit Press, 2018)

Goodreads Cover Northtown Angelus.jpg

Northtown Blitz (Fahrenheit, 2020)

Northtown Angelus 

(Grand Mal, 2024)


Robert T. White is a Midwestern writer of genre fiction, especially crime, noir, and horror. White has two ongoing private-eye series. Betray Me Not, a collection of revenge tales, was selected by the Independent Fiction Alliance as a Truly Best Independent Book of 2022. Besides the Haftmann and Jarvi p. i. novels, he has  four collections of short stories, many previously published under the name Robb White. His novels When You Run with Wolves (2018) and Perfect Killer were named finalists by Murder, Mayhem and More for Best Crime Books of 2018, 2019. “God’s   Own Avenger,” a crime story, was submitted for a Derringer Award in 2019. “Inside Man,” a short story, was selected for inclusion in the annual Best American Mystery Stories of 2019. "If I Let You Get Me" was selected for the Bouchercon anthology (2019), and The Russian Heist, another suspense thriller, was awarded first place by Thriller Magazine in Best Novel category of 2020. 

RTW Goodreads Photo.jpg

When You Run with Wolves

(Fahrenheit Press, 2018)

When You Run Orig Cover.jpg
Wolves Cover jpeg.jpg

Noir/Crime Thrillers

First published by Number Thirteen Press, U.K., 2015

The Russian Heist, 2nd ed., Grand Mal, 2022

Dead Cat Bounce Cover.jpg
Russian Heist Book Cover.jpg

Dead Cat Bounce (Fahrenheit Press, 2019)

Burning Girl Cover.jpg

Burning Girl 

(Key West, FL: Absolutely Amazing eBooks/New Pulp, 2020)

Bridge of Maggots Cover.jpg

Waiting on a Bridge of Maggots

(Grand Mal, 2015)

                                   2023/2024 Short Stories

"Coyote Boy." Thriller Magazine. Ed. Ammar Habib. Vol. 5, Issue 1. July 2024: 11-16. Print.
"Hog Trough Harry." Short-Story.Me. June 19, 2024.
"The Parcel." Yellow Mama. Issue #104. June 15, 2024.
"Scotch for Special Occasions." Punk Noir. May 10, 2024.
"When Gremory Hits the Keyhole." 365 Tomorrows. May 4, 2024.
"Little Slices of Life." Guilty Crime Story Magazine. Ed. Brandon Barrows. Annual Detective Issue. (Spring 2024):
          86-114. Print.
"Franco's Grand Finale." Horror, Sleaze, Trash. Apr. 21, 2024.
"Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire." Creatures of Habit: The Little Things We Do. Ed. Jay Chakravarti. (Kolkata, Ind:
          CultureCult, 2024): 62-80. Print.
"The Woman from the Tumbleweed Saloon."  Femme Fatale. Ed. P. S. Chakraborty. (Kolkata: Wicked Shadow,
          2024): 48-53. Print.
"Honey on His Heart." Hoosier Noir. Ed. N. B. Turner. Vol. 6. (Feb. 2024): 43-59. Print. 
"The Third Monday." Guilty Crime Story Magazine. Ed. Brandon Barrows. Issue 10. (Winter 2024): 20-46. Print.
"Cry Havoc." The Yard: Crime Blog. Feb. 6, 2024.
“Kill the Finnish Wolf.” Möbius Blvd: Stories from the Byway Between Dream and Reality. No. 4. (Orlando, FL:
          Hobb’s End, 2024): 172-90. Print.
"Lopsided Love." Short-Story.Me. Jan. 19, 2024.
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"The Christmas Comet." Christmas of the Dead: Yule Cat Codex.  Eds. Rasiika Sen & Parth S. Chakraborty.  
          (Kolkata: Wicked Shadow, 2023):  30-49. Print.
"The Jackal Virus." Apocalyptales: The End Is Nigh. Ed. Parth S. Charkaborty. (Kolkata, Wicked Shadow,
          2023): 218-41. Print.
Bumstown Reverie. Parts 1, 2, & 3. Nov. 8, 9, & 10.  Ed. Stephanie Daich. Phoenix Z. Pub., 2023).
"A Barn in Poland." Ghostlight: The Magazine of Terror. Ed. Nicole Castle. Fall 2023: 17-23. Print.
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"Tyler Macklin's Nosedive." Memento Mori: Rest in Peace. Ed. Jay Charavarti. (Kolkata: CultureCult, 2023):
           9-17. Print.
"The Little Girl across the Street." Tales of the Moonlit Path. Halloween Issue.  (October 31, 2023).
"Devil's Night." Halloweenthology: Trick-or-Treat. Ed. Parth S. Chakraborty. (Kolkata: Wicked
          Shadow, 2023): 226-46. Print.
"The Mansion Dwellers." Black Petals. Ed. Kenny Crist. Illus. Kevin Duncan. Issue 105. (Autumn 2023).
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"The Dream Snatcher." Wicked Flashes of Nightmare. Ed. Parth S. Chakraborty. (Kolkata: Wicked Shadow,
           2023): 20-27. Print.
"Who Dips with the Devil." Crimeucopia: Boomshakalaking! (Lincolnshire, Murderous Ink, 2023): 15-33.
"The Enchanted Circle." Dead Hookers in Gas Station Bathrooms. Eds. R.E. Sargent & Steve Pajak.
          (Newburg, OR: Sinister Smile, 2023): 87-105. Print.


Short-Story Collections
Fade to Black - Knife.jpg
Fade to Black: Noir Stories of Drifters, Grifters, & Unlovable Losers. (Close to the Bone Pub., June 28, 2024)
"Out of Breath" & Other Stories by Terry White, pseud.  (Cleveland, OH: Red Giant Press, 2013)
Out of Breath Amazone Cover.jpg
Dangerous Women Cover.jpg

Dangerous Women: Stories of Crime,
Mystery, & Mayhem
(Class Act Books, 2017)

Betray Me Not
(Grand Mal Press, 2022)

Betray Me Not Thumbnail.jpg
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