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Hardboiled Novels

Hardboiled, Noir, Crime, & Suspense Thrillers

                 Hardboiled Novels


                    The Thomas Haftmann Series

Doggerel for Dead Whores Cover.webp
Haftmann Rules Cover.jpg

Doggerel for Dead Whores (New Pulp, 2019)

Haftmann's Rules

(New Pulp Press, 2020)

Saraband for a Runaway

(New Pulp Press, 2017)

Thomas Haftmann, Private Eye:  The Short Stories (New Pulp, 2017)

Nocturne for Madness Cover.jpg
Nocturne for Madness (New Pulp, 2015)

The Raimo Jarvi Series

Northtown Blitz Cover.jpg

Northtown Blitz (Fahrenheit, 2020)

Northtown Eclipse New Cover.webp

Northtown Eclipse (Fahrenheit Press, 2018)

Noir/Crime Thrillers

Dead Cat Bounce Cover.jpg

Dead Cat Bounce (Fahrenheit, 2019)

Russian Heist Book Cover.jpg

The Russian Heist, 2nd ed., Grand Mal, 2022

Bridge of Maggots Cover.jpg

Waiting on a Bridge of Maggots (Grand Mal Press, 2015)

When You Run with Wolves

(Fahrenheit, 2018)

Wolves Cover jpeg.jpg
Perfect Killer jpeg Cover.jpg

Perfect Killer

(Crowood Press, 2018)

Burning Girl Cover.jpg

Burning Girl, a crime novella featuring Det. Riisa Jones, to be published in 2021 by Absolutely Amazing eBooks of Key West, FL. 

(Key West, FL: Absolutely Amazing eBooks/New Pulp, 2020)

Noir/Crime Thrillers
Short Story Collections

Short-story collections


Betray Me Not: 17 Stories of Revenge (Grand Mal, 2022)


Dangerous Women:  Stories of Crime,

Mystery, and Mayhem

(Class Act Books, 2017)

"Out of Breath" and Other Stories

(Red Giant Press, 2013)



Robb White lives in Northeastern Ohio. He has published several crime, noir, mainstream, and hardboiled novels and published crime, horror, and mainstream stories in various magazines and anthologies under various pseudonyms including Robb T. White and Terry White. He’s been nominated for a Derringer. “Inside Man,” a crime story, was selected for Best American Mystery Stories 2019. His new hardboiled series features private-eye Raimo Jarvi Northtown Eclipse (Fahrenheit Press, 2018). Murder, Mayhem & More cited When You Run with Wolves as a finalist for its Top Ten Crime Books of 2018. Recent works are the novella Dead Cat Bounce (Fahrenheit, 2019), “If I Let You Get Me,” selected for the Bouchercon 2019 anthology, and The Russian Heist (Moonshine Cove, 2019; rpt. Grand Mal Press, 2022). The latter selected by Thriller Magazine as winner of its sponsored International Thriller Award. 

Other media contacts:


Twitter: @tomhaftmann


Amazon Author Page:

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"It's fast-paced and riveting . . . in a dance of death."

                      --Linda Strong, Book Lovers Book Reviews, 4 Feb. 2018




                                                                       Haftmann’s Rules 


“White writes beautiful, wrenching prose. Haftmann’s Rules is stark and unsentimental.”

--Cindy Rosmus, author/publisher, Yellow Mama



                                                                   Saraband for a Runaway 


“Robert White knows the subconscious well and tells an immensely gripping tale on numerous levels!” 

--Dave Gammon,


"Robb White has produced a truly memorable PI with his Thomas Haftmann character."

--Frank Westworth, author of the J.J. Stoner novels

                                  Nocturne for Madness 

"That guy [the killer] is stunningly scaring — consistently unpredictable and gratifyingly insane.

Up there with Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon, in fact."

-- Frank Westworth, author of the Charity novels


"So, if you that Andrew Vacchs writes too light-hearted and Spenser novels are too Disney for you, this is your


--Jochem Van Der Steen, author and publisher," Sons of Spade" blogspot

                                            Thomas Haftmann, Private Eye: The Short Stories


"For those who survived meeting private investigator Thomas Haftmann in Nocturne for Madness, here is another

go-round--well, actually 15 go-rounds in this hard-hitting collection of noirs." 

--H. L. Ostermann, author, Short Changed 

                                                               Perfect Killer


                                                               When You Run with Wolves


"This action-packed, sweat-soaked, robbery-gone-wrong would make an amazing

movie in the Reservoir Dogs genre. It certainly makes for a damn fine white-knuckle ride

in the written form. Author Robert White plunges you straight into the deep end,

hip-high in blunt force trauma,  kidney-pulverising punishment, and the kind of

involuntary amputations that’d make Quentin Tarantino wince."

Northtown Eclipse

Original and inventive, Northtown Eclipse takes the typical crime cliché of a seedy private eye and subverts the

standard hardboiled detective story into something significantly more substantial. Author Robb White twists

the tropes of the genre to tell a much more meaningful story, one which explores the human condition at its

most personal – a troubled relationship between brothers – and on a grander scale, the post-industrial decline

of American small-town society.

--Rowena Hoseason, Murder, Mayhem and More

The Russian Heist "Crackling dialogue delivered in hardboiled style." 

Dead Cat Bounce  We adore this author's acerbic style, his pace and plotting, his pithy commentary

on the scurrilous side of life.  No one writes a three-time loser quite like Robb White . . . Murder,

Mayhem, & More

Northtown Blitz 


"With his usual razor-sharp writing Robert White takes us further into the world of Northtown & Raimo Jarvi in this second book of what is fast turning out to be a must-read series."


Crime, Noir & Horror Stories

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"Gone Fishing." Close to the Bone. May 30, 2022.

"Danny Wu Missed a Fortune" & other stories posted to                            Aug. 2022.



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